Affordable Foot & Ankle Care Products in Stuart and Jupiter, FL

There are a number of different foot and ankle care products in Stuart, FL, and podiatry treatments available to patients to help them with their foot, ankle, and leg health issues. Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists, PA is ready to work with our patients to help them find the best possible solutions for their health needs. We use only the best in treatments, products, and topical compounds to improve your well-being. We carry in our offices:

  • Cam Boots with Air
  • Offloading Shoes
  • Offloading Foot Beds
  • Surgical Shoes
  • Cast Shoes
  • Pads/Cushions
  • Diabetic Vitamins
  • Post-op Shower Bags
  • Ankle Braces
  • Night Splints

You can also find many great foot care products by visiting the FootSmart® Website and on

Comprehensive Pain Management Using Topical Compounds

Scrutinized for ages by physicians, scientists, and philosophers, pain has long been depicted as one of the greatest evils that can afflict a person and it is the most common reason why patients seek medical attention from health care providers today. The understanding of pain has come a long way since the first illustration of the “pain pathway” created in 1664 by French philosopher Rene Descartes.

Revolutionary research and technological advancements of our time have shaped a more accurate understanding of the pathogenesis of pain. Valuable insight into the multifaceted mechanisms controlling the pain syndrome has directed the development of the multimodal therapy approach. The most adequate therapy requires an individualized treatment plan that comprehensively targets the multiple biochemical and pathophysiologic mechanisms of pain. Despite such progress, the complexity with which pain manifests itself continues to present huge treatment challenges to the health care practitioner. Chronic pain continues to affect patients as a poorly managed syndrome.

Traditional oral drug therapies, although sometimes effective, are commonly associated with limited efficiency, cognitive impairment, and undesirable systemic effects. The development of new and innovative drug delivery models have received increasing focus in order to successfully treat pain while avoiding or lessening the burden of orally administered drugs. These are the obstacles to effective pain management that topical compounds successfully circumvent.

Evidence suggests that topically applied pain creams are beneficial as adjunctive therapy to orally administered drugs and, in many cases, are more effective than traditional oral drug therapies. Our team is ready to help you learn more about these topical pain creams and the advantages of using a topical dosage from either in adjunct to or in replacement of oral therapy.

The Benefits of Topical Drug Remedies

Oral NSAIDs are associated with peptic ulcer disease, GI hemorrhage, and other serious GI side effects. These adverse effects, as evidenced in studies of topically applied ketoprofen, are reduced or completely eliminated because of the decreased incidence of systemic absorption. The rapid onset of action, along with decreased GI irritation, increases patient compliance for more adequate pain treatment. In comparison between topically applied NSAIDS and oral NSAIDS, the bioavailability of topical NSAIDS is generally between 5% and 15%, while the drug concentration at the site of administration was found to be up to 30-fold higher than with an oral dose.

Combination Therapy Optimizes Treatment Outcomes

Combination therapy is frequently the only effective approach for managing the complex array of chemical mediators and other contributors to the individual pain experience. As topical formulations are developed, they provide hope for more effective drug combinations. Different sensitizing molecules signal different receptors that all contribute to the pain sensation. The use of one drug is unlikely to successfully eliminate the pain, so the most sensible option is a multi-drug approach. The benefits of multiple active ingredients are harnessed into one dosage form, targeting the specific mechanisms of pain at once.

Topically applied medications offer practitioners new options to successfully manage pain. In practice, topical compounds have proven to be effective in adjunct to traditional oral therapy and, in many cases, have proven to be more effective than commercially available medications while avoiding the burden of unwanted side effects. With a more favorable safety profile than oral administration, cost effectiveness, and proven efficacy based on empirical evidence, many patients can even completely discontinue oral medications and continue successful therapy on topically applied compounds alone.

Informative Online Resources

Patients have many resources available at their fingertips in terms of online information.  Some of the most common sites include:

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